A Nonprofit & Nonpolitical Organization, Under Societies Registration Act 1860.


A Nonprofit & Nonpolitical Organization, Under Societies Registration Act 1860.

About Us

About Us

Introduction of Tasauf Foundation

Tasauf Foundation is a Non-Profitable and Non-Political organization which came to limelight in March, 2010 through holding the Meditation course and humanitarian works. The Foundation is registered under Society Act 1860. 

Tasauf is the state of heart of those people who are always devoted to the welfare of the creation. Only the integrated efforts of devoted hearts to the welfare of the creation can serve the distressed, endangered and helpless people of the society. So Tasauf Foundation has been working for the welfare of humanity by staying beside people through various social program. A great and honest work can be completed all our small efforts.

Tasauf Foundation started its journey by sharing the suffering of others through self-sacrifice. The Foundation believes that the underprivileged people have a right on every human’s wealth and that part must be spent on the welfare of the helpless deprived people. It is our firm belief that Tasauf Foundation is constantly working to establish a civil and modest society based on spiritual knowledge, science and education to attain peace, welfare, self-purification, worldly and hereafter success of the people of the country whose benefits will be expanded worldwide.

Human-loving people have created this foundation with the pledge of human well-being. There, every man should think, “half, one third or any part of my income must be spent in human welfare, a part of my time should be given to human welfare. One can consider Tasauf Foundation as a center to work for human welfare by giving time and financial resources, taking the phrase in mind ‘Everyone of us is for others’ as motivation.

If saving one life means saving the lives of everyone on earth, then come forward to fulfill your responsibility of saving the life of mankind. Your little effort combined with the effort of others will indeed make you a partner of a great work. You can donate your share to Tasauf Foundation to serve the helpless and distressed people for human welfare and bring satisfaction to the face of Allah.

Not the thought but action, not imagination but reality be your perpetual companion. Let Tasauf Foundation be your center to shape your thoughts into reality. No matter how severe the crisis is, if our conscious and benevolent people wake up, surely humanity will win.

Strong together! Let’s help each other! Give your share to show you care!!

Objectives/ Aim of TF
  • The motto of this foundation is to provide a forum for the development, practice and dissemination of knowledge, benefits of Tasauf – or purification of body, mind and soul, and ethics and morals through teachings of spirituality as compulsory part of one’s life. In furtherance of this objective and with limiting the generality of such object, the Foundation shall be empowered in accordance with the law for the time being in force:
  • To establish English medium “Tasauf” or Spiritual training center to teach spiritual knowledge.
  • To conduct Tasauf or “Spiritual Meditation” courses and training programs for interested individuals within fee, which will help restless, nervous and evil-virtue follower individuals to become strong determined, mentally calm and vanishing evil-virtues by practicing meditation and spirituality to get the connection of creator through connecting sentient soul with holy soul by reviving consciousness and gets the status of highest human character.
  • To establish general education on self-purification by vanishing evil virtues; such as—Illegal sexuality, anger, greediness, worldly attraction, pride,  jealousy,  Lie, showing worship and wealth,  Misery, Slander, Cheat, Enmity—–for purifying inner-self and to gain purity of heart and to keep away animalism. In this way to be characterized with the virtues of creator to be the best creation.
  • To establish cultural education on Sufism through training on; Qiraat, hamd, nath-e-Rasul, spiritual songs, literature, etc. To organize workshops, seminars, discussions, round-tables, and pre-planned long and short courses on spirituality.
  • To develop ‘Research Center’ on Quran and Hadith and the inner dimensions of spirituality.
  • To research on spiritual treatment procedures involving experts in this field and training through such experts from across the globe and to disseminate the knowledge throughout Bangladesh and the rest of the world for the benefit and treatment of the whole of mankind.
  • To establish an independent television channel and invest in other media (e.g radio and publications) as and when necessary in order to spread and disseminate the knowledge acquired through research on Tasauf and also spread the message of peace and tolerance amongst mankind.
  • To interact closely and develop synergy between persons and individuals with knowledge or Hiqmah of Tasauf and the common individual who seeks purification of the mind and soul, the Foundation shall establish a 14 storied ‘Tasauf Center’ building dedicated to the memory of the 14 Imams as sign of love to the Prophet Mohammad (SM) and his descendent. In this way, to show true love to Prophet Mohammad(SM) by loving his descendent more than own life, which is compulsory to all believers.
  • To provide a health care center that will dispense medical treatment and health care to patients using the spiritual knowledge or Hiqmah from Al-Quran and Hadith for the general well being of all mankind, irrespective of class, creed, race or religion, within a fee or free, as deemed appropriate.
  • To establish a library with a minimum of 50 Tafseer-e-Quran, and all available Hadith and numerous volumes and publications on Tariqah (self-purification by erasing evil virtues), Haqiqat (Truth-contemplation by self-contemplation), Ma’arefah (Invisible spiritual knowledge) and issues related to purification of mind and soul.
  • To publish books, journals, periodicals, and related literature on spiritual values, Tasauf and purification. To create a welfare fund to provide support marriage, education, treatment and other essential needs of the poverty-stricken people of Bangladesh, including occasional financial and other assistance occurred by natural disasters or other calamities.
  • To establish an orphanage to provide shelter, food, clothing, education, and other amenities to orphans with no kith or kin to look after them. To establish a zakat fund to be collectively utilized for relief of poverty or advancement of education, livelihood or other necessities of the needy. To protect rights of kith and kin, neighbors, women and children. To establish Old People’s Homes for the health care, residence and other necessary amenities for people who are too old to look after themselves or work for a living and have no effective care-giver amongst family or friends. To establish a village named “Tasauf Palli” for those dedicated to Sufism for being together or individually immerse in research, meditation, and communication with the Creator.
  • To promote and organize meeting, conferences, lectures, trade shows and other activities deemed fit for the promotion of the Foundation’s objectives.
  • To invest the moneys of the Foundation not immediately required for the purposes thereof upon such securities or with such bank or banks or in such other manners as they think fit and from time to time to withdraw such moneys to meet the purpose of the Foundation and to buy, sell, lease or take on hire, exchange or otherwise deal with commodities, machineries, movable or personal property of any description for the purposes of the Foundation upon such terms and on such conditions as it may deem expedient in accordance with the law of the country.
  • To buy, purchase, lease, take in exchange or otherwise acquire lands, buildings or immovable property of any tenure in Bangladesh or any share or interest therein as may be required or deemed expedient for the purpose of the Foundation.
  • To sell by public auction or private contract, or by tender, exchange, surrender, release, divide or partition lands, buildings or any immovable property of any tenure belonging to the Foundation for such consideration whether in cash or otherwise and upon such terms and conditions as may be thought fit.
  • To construct upon any premises acquired for the purposes of the Foundation any building or buildings for the purposes of the Foundation and to alter, add to or remove any building upon any such premises.
  • To subscribe to, become a member of, or co-operate with any lawful Association whether incorporated or not whose objects are wholly or in part similar to those of the Foundation.
  • To generally carry out all such acts and transactions ancillary and necessary to the objects as listed out above.


Mission & Vision

Our mission: 

The motto of this foundation is to establish a world of peace, forgiveness, mercy, justice and love by achieving purity through moral education, to enlighten oneself inside and out in spirituality by realizing the truth through gaining self-purification and dedicating oneself to human welfare.


Our vision:

Our vision is to transform human attributes from finite to infinite values and dedicate oneself in humanitarian works for the betterment of society. 

Our Slogans

  • Welcome to the secret of secrets.
  • When Tasauf will be established on earth, the entire world will be crime free and peaceful.
  • Spirituality begins where science ends.
  • Whoever saves someone’s life,  it is as if he saved the life of all people
  • Prayer is for oneself and human service is to bring a smile to the face of the Creator
  • You are the best of Peoples, evolved for mankind.
  • Strong together ! Let’s help each other ! Give your share to show you care !!

Legal Status

The Foundation is registered under the Society Act 1860 from the office of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies & Firms of Bangladesh. Tasauf Foundation is a Non-Profitable and Non-Political organization which came to limelight first ever in March, 2010 through holding the Sufi Meditation course. List of registration as follows:

  • Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms of Bangladesh

         Registration Number S-11218, 

         Date of registration: 10 July 2011, 

         Place of registration: Dhaka Bangladesh

  • NGO Affairs Bureau (The Prime Minister’s Office) Registration No.: Under process
  • VAT RegistrationNumber (BIN):
  • Taxpayer’s Identification Num

Latest Event

Schedule: May 5th 2018 to December 5th 2021

Last Update: May 13th 2020 2:47PM

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