A Nonprofit & Nonpolitical Organization, Under Societies Registration Act 1860.


A Nonprofit & Nonpolitical Organization, Under Societies Registration Act 1860.



মেডিটেশন বা ধ্যান হচ্ছে মন দ্বারা বিশ্বজগত ও দেহজগতকে গভীরভাবে পর্যবেক্ষন বা নিরীক্ষন করা। মানুষের ব্রেইনে প্রতিদিন নব্বই হাজার ইনফরমেশন বা ইমেজ মনের মধ্যে অবতরণ করে। এই অবতারিত ইনফরমেশনকে সিনক্রোনাইস করে অপ্রয়োজনীয় বা ঋণাত্বক সবকিছুকে আলাদা করে, প্রকৃতি ও প্রয়োজনীয় সবকিছুকে একাগ্রচিত্তে ধণাত্মক শক্তিতে পরিনত করে শক্তির বস্তুসত্বায় প্রকাশ করাই মেডিটেশন। 

What is meditation (muraqaba)?

Meditation is a method of deep observation (& assessing) of the universe and own body through mind. Everyday human brain downloads ninety thousand (90) information or image into mind. Meditation is that process which separates and synchronizes all negative and unimportant information from all gathered information in brain and convert all necessary and the forces extracted from nature into positive energy and then exposing this power into materialistic existent is called meditation. People dream while sleeping. Why do people dream? When human sleeps then their sense-organs, such as; eye, ear, mouth and other sense organs remains inactive. As a result, silent & peaceful brain downloads information, which makes human to see dream. Dream is reflection of one’s intuition. Some of us understand the meaning of the dream, some do not, someone’s dream is meaningful, someone’s is not. But dream is true. Allah says, what mind sees are not false. These differences happen due to lack of spiritual knowledge & wisdom. Different level of meditation happens in different stages of one’s brain. For example: 

1. Contemplation (Tafakkur): Allah says, Signs of Creator which exists in the universe, all exists in the human body. Balancing the signs of Creator in own body, with the signs of Creator in the universe, coordinating own nature with the nature of universe, and then searching Creator in the mirror of nature with deep concentration, all together is called meditation. In holy Al Quran, there are 168 verses about Contemplation (tafakkur). The contemplation is the deep observation of all signatures of Creator in own body which is found in this universe and synchronise all signs. Allah stated; And He has subjected to you all whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth- all from his favor, kindness and bounty. Verily, in it are signs for a people those who think deeply or reflect (Ref: Al Quran 45:13). 

2. Reflection:Many thoughts originate in people’s mind. By reflection people can transform images into power. And with this reflection power it’s possible to make plan for transferring negative power to positive power. And this plan materializes the resulting work into substantial reality by reflection.

3. Concentration:Everyday ninety thousand information comes in human mind. These information are two types: negative and positive. Human mind is very restless. That’s why mind moves from one information to other. To confine this restless mind into one information is called concentration. Concentration is to bound this unstable mind to a positive information. When a person can become concentrated, then his subconscious mind takes the information and to direct the brain.

4. Concentrate on best face of Mind:Everyday thousands of images come to one’s mind. Among those, some are good and some are bad images. Good images are also two types such as human being and other creatures.  Human beings are the best among all creatures: called Ashraful Maklukat. There are two types of human images such as live and death. Amongst the alive images, the best are father, mother, teacher and saints. Select one of the best Image in mind and contemplating this image is also regarded as worship.

Allah said that; For seeking the pomp and glitter of this Life; don’t turn away your face from them (Ref: Al Quran, 18:28). The prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said; obviously, it’s enough for that person to look at the face of the prophet, who has an enlightened heart. The prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said; To look at the face of Hazrat Ali (a caliph of islam) is worship. The prophet Mohammad (PBUH) additionally stated; When a well-behaved child looks at his parents with kind eyes, then Allah gives the reward of performing accepted hajj (yearly religious congregation & celebration in mecca) for each looking. So concentrate on the best picture to which you like the most, it may be your father, mother, teacher or your spiritual guide.

5. Enlightenment:As the rain softens dry land, Allah’s light can bring the dead heart to life. When heart becomes dark of dishonesty & unbelieving, then suddenly  then the light of God suddenly makes that heart blaze. As a result revelation and wisdom are revealed to that person. Allah said that; he grants wisdom (Hikmah) to whom He wills and he to whom Hikmah is granted, is indeed granted abundant good. And none will remember except those of understanding (Ref: Al Quran, 2:269). Revelation is like a key to heart. The method of obtaining instruction in heart is the Enlightenment.

6. Meditation (muraqaba):The root of the word ‘muraqaba’ emerged from madda ‘rakibun’, which means observation and which is exists in Al Quran for 24 times. Meditation is a state of calm brain where the action of all senses or activists (by deactivating all sense-organs) stop in awakening stage of brain and bring all information from information-hub (lawhe mahfuz) into mind. In upper level of meditation, brain is in zero information stage by removing all images in the brain. It’s essential to attain concentration with view to send your worship to Creator by knowing the Creator identity, and the process of achieving concentration is  called meditation. We are aware that our Prophet mediated through Tahannus method for 15 years in Hera cave. 

The right method of meditation has been established in the earth through various Prophets in different times of different eras whose basic is only Islam. Tasauf Foundation carries out the following medication courses in order to establish a self-purified society in the world.

Tasauf Foundation organizes the following meditation courses:

  1. Free Meditation (One Day)
  2. Basic Meditation (Two Days)
  3. Sufi Meditation (Spiritual Science is Muraqaba or Sufi Meditation) (Three Days)
  4. Spiritual Physiology Higher Course (One year)

Free Meditation (One Day): You will earn the following things through meditation conducted by Tasauf Foundation: the causes of failure in life and how to overcome them, physical and mental health and healing process, to make an unstable mind to a peaceful mind, process to learn self-confidence, achieving concentration by eliminating evil virtues, attaining concentration and politeness in worship, learning primary breathing and air controlling technique, by utilizing knowledge of time doing good work at good time, learning the process of contemplation of creatures of creator, preliminary meditation process and basic information regarding relaxation of mind.

Basic Meditation (Two days)You will obtain the followin things through meditation conducted by Tasauf Foundation: Eliminate evil virtues and establish self-purification through moral education, convert negative thoughts into positive forces, attain success in personal  life, learn external and spiritual processes to obtain purity, learn 14 bows of Prostration in human body, as representative of Creator  convert one’s finite qualities into infinite and becoming universal, process of air control and pas anfas jikir through breathing, process of jikir in every organ of human body, by utilizing knowledge of time convert bad fortune to good fortune, attaining  concentration and politeness in worship, consolidation of mind and  soul through meditation, healing process through meditation in order to achieve good mental and physical health, upgradation of nafs-e ammara to nafs-e mutmayenna, enlightenment of heart or achieve murakaba e nur, self-viewing and discover universe into own body, process of journey in afaq and anfas, basic methods of learning meditation and reflection. 

Sufi Meditation (Spiritual Science is Muraqaba or Sufi Meditation) (Three Days) সূফী মেডিটেশন

The chief purpose of Tasauf is to achieve the Philosophy of truth through Philosophy of Self, getting to know Allah through getting to know oneself, surrender to Allah, earn knowledge for  the discovery of the spiritual strength inside and the existence of the Almighty in own body  and through it see the world ( Alme Sagir) , waken the subconscious strength and connect to the Almighty by connecting the sentient soul to the Supreme spirit and earning this knowledge is Tasauf and the process of earning these is Sufi meditation. Through Sufi meditation, the physical, mental and spiritual state of health develops, makes one confident, prevent and cure diseases, ensure earthly and spiritual prosperity, converge the mind towards meditation which is the core to all worship, making it capable to surrender to Allah. It prevents ill intentions, gains piety in senses and trains in the process of achieving spiritual holiness for Sirajum Munirah , practice of Muraqaba, achieve the power of intuition,  and Breath Control, Breath Holding, Sultanul Ajkar trainings etc. 

Spiritual Physiology Higher Course (One year) দেহতত্ত্বের আধ্যাত্মিক কোর্স

Spiritual Physiology Higher Course (One year) দেহতত্ত্বের আধ্যাত্মিক কোর্স



Spiritual Science is Muraqaba or Sufi Meditation

Currently what is being practiced around the globe in the name of meditation has not been practiced by any Prophet, Islamic leader or Sufis. Since the inception of earth, starting from Adam (pbuh) to Hazrat Mohammad (pbuh) one lakh twenty four thousand prophets had practiced Muraqaba, a meditation supported by Al Quran and Hadith which is the process of Tahannus, commonly known as Muraqaba. Through the ages all the Prophets and Islamic saints were the followers and messengers of this Tahannus meditation. The phenomenon which is being currently practiced has not been practiced by any Prophet or Islamic leader. The process they have followed to practice Muraqaba is through Sufi Meditation. The people who are the teachers and mentors of this Muraqaba will be the Silsila of Hazrat Mohammad (pbuh) (tied in chains with one another) and become the messenger of ShirajamMunira. These people will gain expertise in Islamic and spiritual knowledge. The people who direct the current meditation practices are not religious leaders or spiritual worshippers therefore these people are like quack doctors at whose hands medication is not safe. The Sufi meditation that is practiced by spiritual scholars in different parts of the world and has achieved earthly and spiritual success through it has its proof in different religious books. So Sufi meditation can be the only worship you can follow in your life.  

Whose designed meditation will you follow?

Not such Meditations which are designed in western laboratories but the Prophetic Meditations those followed by spiritual Saints.

Who would be your teacher?

Not any trainer of a mushroomed coaching center but a Hadi who is a follower of the practices of spiritual meditation and a Representative of messenger and carrier of Silsila. 

Not Effort, Destiny is the Destination:

You can never be an outstanding scientist, doctor of the age, globe-trotter of the age, immortal music artist, popular actor, renowned sportsman, successful industrialist, wealthy businessman, efficient ruler, noble revolutionary leader, self-won hero, excellent religious leader, Sufi- Saint, Oli-Aulia, spiritual worshipper of the age with the exclusion of the Almighty’s wish. The practitioners of current meditation practices say that you yourself can be the creator of your own fate; this statement is nothing other than diversion from religious practices and piety. Because “We strongly believe in Iman e Mufassal which is as follows”:I store my faith in Allah, the Almighty, his angels, his books, his Prophets, life after death, fate (good or bad, heaven-hell whatever has been destined by Allah) and revival of life after death. There are 20 Ayats in Al Quran related to Takdir of which three are mentioned here. Allah says: Seek Almighty’s forgiveness and move to the direction of the Jannat which is as extended as the sky and earth. This has been created for those who believe in Allah and his Rasuls. This is (Jannat) Allah’s mercy, who he gives it to as he wishes. Allah is greatly merciful (Al Quran 57:21). No troubles befall you in this world or in person; but this has been stated in the books long time ago. Definitely this is easy on Allah’s behalf (Al-Quran 57:22). In another Ayat Allah says: My decision has been fixed for my worshippers (Al-Quran 37:171). Allah has destined the fate of everyone fifty years before the birth of mankind which cannot be violated in any way with the exclusion of one path. Almighty Allah is a great strategist and mankind is his representative amongst which he has appointed Prophets and other Islamic followers for the purpose of leading others and they are mighty with the strengths gifted by the Almighty. They are the real Insan e Kamels. It is natural and habitual for the general people to seek advice and assistance from Prophets and other Islamic leaders. Insan e Kamels told them about the solutions to their problems through Allah’s gifted knowledge and provided them assistance. In this way, Prophets, Islamic saints, scholars, leaders and meditators have helped the common people through God gifted qualities.

Before the birth of all these Prophets, Islamic scholars, saints, worshippers, leaders and wise people knew that in a certain place the greatest human being of the age is to be born and that is why wise scholars knew about Hazrat Isa (pbuh) and Hazrat Mohammad (pbuh) before they were even born. A lot of Christian scholars came to see Hazrat Mohammad (pbuh) at his paternal uncle, Abu Taleb’s place as they were previously informed of his birth. Similarly the fate of all the Islamic scholars’ and saints has been destined before their birth. As soon as Shaikh Syed Abdul Kader Jilani came to his mother’s womb his mother dreamt that Hazrat Mohammad (pbuh) saying to her “You are carrying a great scholar inside you”. The strength that has been obtained by great scholars and saints are not the prolonged results of worship but the consequences of fate which was destined years before their birth. You can only express your intentions of changing your fate through meditation but if it is not written in your fate then it will never be. 

Then why go to Insan e Kamels?

It is a proof in every Tafsirsthat that Insan e Kamelshave changed the fate of sinners to that of saints through the strength gifted by the Almighty. They are the appointed strategists of Allah, who blessed with his mercy, can give a dead person life, child to childless couples, free the disease of the diseased, turn the sad happy, provide wealth to the penniless, give mental peace to the afflicted turn profane to holy and misfortune to fortune. Since Insan e Kamils are blessed with Allah’s might they can pray to Allah and beg for anything and on the otherhand retrieve information from the information box and give right decision to the people. If the person tries and meditates in the directed path then he/she can achieve success. It is not the job of wise people to walk the path by keeping eyes and ears closed. The more aware we are the more knowledge we gain and enrich the knowledge center. Waking the immense mental strength inside and focusing the mind to the right point is the best thing that we can do. All the greatest men on earth reached greatness after this level was reached. The best process of converging the mind to the right direction is Sufi meditation. At the primary stage of the Sufi meditation course the door of your mystic knowledge will widen. 

Benefits of Sufi Meditation
  • Freeing oneself of tension and anxiety
  • Spiritual relief
  • Enhance memory and intelligence
  • Control body and mind
  • Focus on Namaz and any other type of worship
  • Control ill intentions and gain purification
  • Seek forgiveness and achieve politeness
  • Get rid of bad habits and other addictions
  • Control the act of others through meditation
  • Know about one’s good and bad fate from knowledge center
  • Reach the depth of meditation within a short span of time
  • Take the right decision at the right time
  • Start the act of Zikir all throughout the body
  • Achieve intuition power
  • Pacify the mind and soul
  • Accommodate heart, soul and trinity in one place and go ahead of time

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