A Nonprofit & Nonpolitical Organization, Under Societies Registration Act 1860.


A Nonprofit & Nonpolitical Organization, Under Societies Registration Act 1860.

Swanirvar Bangla


Fifty years after independence, Bangladesh has named itself in the world as a developing country from a least developed country. By 2035, this country is going to be the 25th largest economy in the world.
In order to strengthen the economic wheel of Bangladesh, every person must be self-reliant. In every sector of agriculture, industry, trade, new innovations, new concepts and technologies should be used with conventional methods to take the country onward as a big economy one. With this view, every person must be an entrepreneur and self-reliant. All the earning members should enrich themselves and the country through new activities by engaging in small and medium scale business keeping in line with the needs and development of the country.
The Tasauf Foundation has taken a project named by “Swanirvar Bangla” (Self-reliant). The project aimed at financially supporting the educated youth of our society who are jobless without proper guidance and capital, many women who have been abandoned by their husbands, helpless and miserable old men and women who have no one to stand by. Through this project these people will have a chance to become self-reliant. 

The qualifications of the people who will be included under this project are:

  1. Minimum eighth grade pass
  2. Adult female/male
  3. Entrepreneur and have a new job interest / plan
  4. No previous grant for the same work from any other source
  5. Citizen of Bangladesh
  6. There is no previous record of being involved in any criminal activities.

In order to receive the grant, the applicant will have to submit the work-plan on the basis of aforementioned initial qualifications. The Board of Directors of the foundation will select the entrepreneur and provide the grant by verifying the aforementioned conditions. Work progress will be frequently monitored by the foundation. If the progress of the work is satisfactory, the entrepreneur will get grant for 2nd and 3rd stage.

Prakalpa-1: Mamun Agro

Md. Belal is an educated youth living in kathaltali area of ​​keraniganj. After passing SSC in 2009, he spent a lot of money and left the country with a hope of getting job abroad. But he was forced to return to the own country due to the cheating of the broker. Then, it became gradually difficult to live by doing small job and business. The boy never gave up struggling for livelihood. By this time, he has already taken training in nurturing cow-goat and after gaining some knowledge in this regard, he started thinking of running a cattle farm. But capital is required to establish the farm. While Md. belal was visiting various organizations with the hope of receiving some capital, he contacted the tasauf foundation after watching the activities of the foundation’s on financial aid and food distribution program “Pashei Achi” on a television channel, which was related to those who lost their job during corona epidemic. The Foundation, after verifying the interest and skills of Md. Belal, extended a helping hand to make him “Swanirvar Bangla” (Self-reliant) by offering two cows. Tasauf Foundation provided Md. belal with the necessary funds to buy and raise two cows. He hopes to make money from these two cows every year and gradually will build a bigger farm. We wish Md. Belal all the success and hoping to provide him with the necessary guidance and cooperation.

Please click on the YouTube link to watch “Swanirvar Bangla” Prakalpa-1


“Swanirvar Bangla” (Self-reliant)

Prakalpa-2: Md. Belal Hossain’s Tea Shop

Md. Belal Hossain of Chittagong applied to Tasauf Foundation after watching the promotion of Shanirvar Bangla Prakalpa 1 on our facebook page. Responding to Belal hossain’s call, tasauf foundation sent director Md. nazrul islam to Md. Belal hossain’s tea shop in the north east corner of Gausia Wahab Manzil, Maizbhandar Darbar Sharif, Nanupur Union, Fatikchhari Upazila, Chittagong. Belal hossain, who was abroad for several years, was unable to run the tea shop due to financial problems. The executive committee of the tasauf foundation decided to buy a fridge and cash 20,000 taka for Md. Belal hssain for the time being. In order to implement this decision, tasauf foundation sent Md. Nazrul islam, Director of the foundation to maizbhandar darbar sharif, to execute Prakalpa -2. We wish Md. Belal Hossain all the success and hoping to provide him with necessary guidance and cooperation.

Please click on the YouTube link to watch “Swanirvar Bangla” Prakalpa-2


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