A Nonprofit & Nonpolitical Organization, Under Societies Registration Act 1860.


A Nonprofit & Nonpolitical Organization, Under Societies Registration Act 1860.

Meditation for Life (online)

From 14 August 2021

Meditation for Life with Syed Shahadat Hussain

Taking rest is very important in human life in addition to work. This rest builds motivation and ability in people to work again. If a person does not take rest besides work, his ability to work gradually decreases. From the very beginning of creation, human beings have embraced various techniques of taking rest to save life and gain longevity. For thousands of years, people have developed various systems of rest. Such as lying on the right side, lying with keeping spine straight, sleeping in a hard bed etc. The method of rest itself is meditation. So, it can be said that meditation started from the beginning of creation.

Meditation for Life is a modern process, which is contemporary research, has been conducted by countless prophets, messengers and intelligentsias over the thousands of years. Meditation for Life is collective techniques for those who have accomplished physical and spiritual success through meditation, focusing on the mind and brain. So, Meditation for Life can be said as a simple, scientific and effective way to gain a worry-free, healthy and normal mindset. There is no substitute of meditation for life to awaken own inner strength and spirituality.

Through practicing this meditation regularly, anyone can strengthen their external limbs by increasing the muscles of arms, legs and chest. Likewise, by practicing regularly, we can gain endless liveliness by means of increasing the capacity of the brain by controlling constantly scattered thoughts that come into us. This circumstance makes the mind stable, orderly and peaceful as well as helps in building immunity. Meditation increases the blood flow to the brain and reduces anxious negative thoughts, keeps the brain active and efficient.

About “Meditation for Life,” the honorable founding chairman of tasauf foundation Syed Shahadat Hussain said that “Meditation is spirituality, which divulges religion. Every religion is exposed in human heart by the creator through meditation. That’s why meditation is the only way to understand the truth of religion”.

In order to survive in this uncontrolled and unwanted situation of global corona pandemic, it is necessary to throw away all kinds of mental fatigue and build strong self-confidence. And practicing meditation is the best scientific way to become physically strong and increase self-confidence. With regular practice of meditation for life, you can protect your mental health in any situation, at the same time you will be able to attain worldly development through self-improvement. When human mind and brain are healthy and strong, then most of the diseases can be prevented.

Tasauf Foundation has started a completely free online course named by “Meditation for Life” as a result of the corona pandemic, vowing to be by the side of the people. From which thousands of people have benefited and are still benefiting. Anyone aged 16 or over can attain all kinds of success through practicing these courses regularly.

The honorable founder chairman of tasauf foundation, Syed Shahadat Hussain conducts these courses.  

Participants: Any man or woman aged 18 or over can participate.

Registration: Completely free.

Registration Link:  https://forms.gle/wC3WueXrfS54duLaA

YouTube video links of Meditation for Life are below:

1) Meditation for Life| Part 01| on 14th August 2021


2) Meditation for Life | Part 02| on 20th August 2021


3) Meditation for Life | Part 03| on 27th August 2021


4) Meditation for Life | Part 04 | September 3, 2021


5) Meditation for Life Part 05 on September 10, 2021


6) Meditation for Life Part 06 on September 17 2021


7) Meditation for Life Part 07 on September 24 2021


8) Meditation for Life part 8 on 8 October 2021


9) Meditation for Life part 9 on 29 October 2021


10) Meditation for Life Part 10 on 12 November 2021


ব্রিদিংঃ Breathing:

1) Meditation for Life| Breathing Process| Part 01


2) Meditation for Life| Breathing Process| Part 2


মোটিভেশনাল ‍স্পিচঃ

১) আল্লাহর গুণে গুণান্বিত হও | Qualify yourself with virtues of Allah


২) আল্লাহ নিজে শিখায় মারিফাত জিব্রাইলকে দিয়ে পাঠায় শরিয়াত


৩) অন্ধের হাতে আয়না যেমন মারিফাত বিহীন ধর্ম তেমন


৪) আল্লাহর রহমত আল্লাহর গজব অপেক্ষা অগ্রবর্তী


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