A Nonprofit & Nonpolitical Organization, Under Societies Registration Act 1860.


A Nonprofit & Nonpolitical Organization, Under Societies Registration Act 1860.

Research & Programme

Research & Programme

Research Center  on Quran, Hadith and Sufism: Research & Publication

Background for establish the Tasauf Foundation

Real Islam enriched with Tasauf

The Almighty incepted the succession of Islam through Hazrat Adam (pbuh), caused reforms and re reforms in the preaching of one lac twenty four thousand prophets and finally established Islam through Hazrat Mohammad (pbuh) for the welfare of the entire mankind as a complete code. This religion has been established in accordance to four basic principles: Shariya’h, Tarika’h, Haqiqa’h and Marefa’t. Hazrat Mohammad (pbuh) said: Shariya’hare my words, Tarika’h are my activities, Hakika’h is my situation and Marefat is my hidden mystery. It is mandatory to earn Tasauf knowledge in order to follow these four principles because without Tasauf, Islam is meaningless and incomplete. Hazrat Mohammad (pbuh) was born in 570 A.D., expressed prophecy in 609 A.D. and expired in 632 A.D. From 609 A.D. to 632 A.D., for a long period of 23 years, he has worked for the establishment and fulfillment of Islam. After his demise, the Khulafa-i- Rashidun, successively Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique (R.A.), Hazrat Omar Faruqe (R.A.), Hazrat Osman Gani (R.A.) and Hazrat Ali (R.A.) have worked to preserve Tasauf Islam from 632 A.D. to 661 A.D., for a total of 30 years. After Hazrat Mohammad (pbuh) expressed his prophecy, for 23 years, and during the reign of Khulafa-i-Rashidun i.e. for 30 years altogether for a total of 53 years Islam was fulfilled with Tasauf practice. These 53 years was known as the “Golden Age” of Islam.

The Emergence of Yezidi Islam

Took control of the rule from Hazrat Amir MabiaHazrat Mohammad (pbuh)’s grandson, Imam Hasan (R.A.) and lead Islam from 661 A.D. to 680 A.D. for a total of 20 years. From then, the practice of Tasauf antagonistic Islam began. Thereafter from 680 A.D. to 683 A.D. for almost 3 years Hazrat Amir Mabia’s powerful, miscreant son, Yezid, took over the reign. In 680 A.D. Yezid directed an army numbering 12,000 to kill Hazrat Imam (R.A.) and his 72 companions at Karbala and upon doing has destroyed the basic elements of Islam, buried Tasauf and established Yezidi Islam. The famous historian IbnutTiktaq said: During his three and half years reign Yezid killed Hazrat Ali (R.A.)’s son, Imam Hossain (R.A.), attacked Medina Sharif and destroyed Kaa’ba. That is why the author of Tafsir e Ruhul Bayan said: The Muslim who doesn’t call Yezid a disbeliever and doesn’t curse him is a hypocrite. Later, the followers of Yezid, 12 rulers of UmaiyaKhilafat carried his legacy from 683 A.D. to 750 A.D. for around 66 years and 36 rulers from AbbasiKhilafat from 750 A.D. to 1258 A.D. for 508 years. A lot of Tasauf following Imams emerged at that time. But Yezid successors conducted continual torture and attacks on them. A lot of them gained martyrdom during the process.

The Emergence of Wahabi in the succession of Yezidi Islam

Yezid and his descendants such as Wahhabi, Kharezi, Ganguhi, Nantubi etc. took financial aid from anti Islamists and attacked true believers of Islam. They misinterpreted and altered the meanings and explanations of holy books and Tasauf manuals and destroyed the Mazars and other holy places of true Islam followers. They preached wrong about the true Islam followers. BatelAkida following Yezidi followers is dominating urban and rural areas, villages, schools and colleges, Madrasas and offices assisted by anti Islamist groups. Day by day they are giving the Fatwas of disbelievers to the true followers, hampering their activities by stating it to be shir’k and beda’t and trying failingly to destroy the faith of the true followers. They laid the traps of Yezidi “Terrorist Islam” which has spread to all parts of the world in the name of Islam. The societies around the world have become paralyzed due to loss in moral values for practicing wrong things, Tawhid-Shirk, misinterpretation of Quran Hadith, preachings of the hypocrites and ignorance in science and knowledge.

Contribution of Tasauf followers in Re-Establishing True Islam

The descendants of Hazrat Mohammad (pbuh) still practiced Tasauf inspite of being tortured and afflicted. Starting from Sultan Joynul Abedin, Imam Zafar Sadek to Shaikh Syed Abdul Kader Jilani (R.A.), Sultanul Hind Khawaja Mainuddin Chishti and many other spiritual practitioners continued to practice Tasauf. But these Tasauf followers were unable to protest against Yezidi wrong doings and could not spread the true words of Islam to the common people as they were poor and lacked power and resources. Our aim is to sacrifice ourselves for humanity, get closer to Allah, revive true Islam and preserve the principles and teachings of Tasauf followers. Therefore we are trying to produce some journals and books which will direct us to the principles of AhleBelayet. To fulfill this noble mission we require Ansarullahs, which are people who help in establishing the right path. Therefore we are requesting the motivation and contact of Tasauf followers and spiritual scholars. With your assistance we can contribute to establishing peace.

Our Proposal to Establishing Peace in the World

It is the aim of Tasauf followers to establish Islam for the welfare of all, establish a fear free and superstition free society, establish personal, societal and spiritual peace, prevent loss of morality and create religious awareness that is enriched with spiritual motivation and work for self and societal purification. There is no alternative to Tasauf establishment to eliminate Yezidi terrorism. Only the principles of AhleBalayet can establish peace in the entire world. Therefore to establish peace in the world any Tasauf follower is welcome to join our endeavor.“When Tasauf will be established on earth, The entire world will be crime free and peaceful”.

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