Ever since its inception, Tasauf Foundation is working endlessly to establish peace, human welfare, self-purification and establish a gentle and polite society through spiritual and scientific knowledge. To respond humanity, the members of Tasauf Foundation always extend their own financial cooperation to fulfill basic needs of poor people and organize various welfare activities. Subsequently, Tasauf Foundation has taken an initiative to help out the distressed Rohingya Muslim for continuing financial help to the victims in different areas in need. Tasauf Foundation sent a team in advance which consists of four members to survey the area and observe the real situation of the victims for the best use of fund. After receiving the report presented by the advanced team, Alhadi Syed Shahadat Hussain, Chairman has decided to distribute relief among nine hundred distressed Rohingya families. In order to conduct the relief distribution program among distressed Rohingya muslim Advocate Amirul Islam Mona and Shojol, members of Tasauf Foundation, left for Chittagong on 26/09/2017. They purchased fourteen items and made nine hundred bags to distribute into nine hundred families. To complete the whole task, Mr. Shafiul Alam, 6 no. ward commissioner, Patia Pouroshova, helped us a lot. The food products were sent by ten tonnes container truck and placed all packets at “Relief Control Center” under taking care of Md. Hamidul Islam headmaster and BGB member of Ghum Dhum union of Naikhanchori Upazila on 29/09/2017. It can be mentioned that Tasauf Foundation faced various problems to reach the relief items to it’s destination. The vehicle bogged down in the mud and had to transfer all food items in another vehicle. The Chairman and vice chairperson with all members of Tasaif Foundation started the relief distribution program on 30/09/2017 among the nine hundered families in the same area. The Chairman of Tasauf Foundation thank to Almighty Allah for giving this opportunity to participate in such human service programs and help the distressed Rohingya muslims. He added that, we have plan to continue providing primany health services like sanitation and tubewell setup programs in future. Tasauf Angel is one of the major program of Tasauf Foundation. Our agels, children of various society, extended their hand to help out the hopeless Rohingya children. The angels distributed apple, juice and t shirtss among the distressed children. Medicine distribution program among the helpless Rohingya muslim was another program of Tasauf Foundation. Tasauf Foundation provided various kind of medicine at Kutupalong community clinic for the children, adult and old aged Rohingyas. To ensure good health and environment of Rohingya muslims, sanitation program was one of an important program of the relief distribution program of Tasauf Foundation. Total Tk. 31,000/ has been spent to install one sanitary latrine, one bathroom and one tubewell. Tasauf Foundation has established a few sanitation systems but we are planning to set up at least 100 such systems for the victims in near future. The slogan of Tasauf is: “When Tasauf will be established on earth The entire world will be crime free and peaceful” In the service of humanity, let’s Tasauf Foundation be our own platform. Contact to: Chairman, Tasauf Foundation

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