A Nonprofit & Nonpolitical Organization, Under Societies Registration Act 1860.


A Nonprofit & Nonpolitical Organization, Under Societies Registration Act 1860.



What is Mustazabuddawat

The meaning of Mustazabuddawat is “whose prayer is acceptable to Allah”. This program is conducted by tasauf foundation in the presence of an Ale Rasul, since 2010 at every Friday between asar to magreb prayer.  

Why Mustazabuddawat is Held Between Asar to Maghreb Prayer at Every Friday?

Denoted from hazrat Abu Huraira, one day the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was explaining about Jumah day (prayer of friday) and said, there is a time at jumah day, on that time if any true believer wants something from god with much concentration through prayer, then obviously god gives him the desired thing. And then the prophet indicated to that direction and said, the time is very little. (Ref: Sahih Bukhari, hadis arabic# 893, 4988, 6037, bengali # 888, 4913, 5958. This hadis (saying of the prophet) is found 3 times in in Bukhari. Besides, sahih muslim, sunan nasai, tafsire ebne kasir, ayat 3:16-17)     

Aim and objective of Mustazabuddawat

Prayer is the root of worship. The bridge and closeness created by prayer, is not possible by other means of worship. The great Allah (God) calls us with his abundant wealth to fulfil our desire, wish & expectation. We are also recalling and praying to god again and again to fulfill our desire, wish & expectation. But due to lack of time-sense and not following the preconditions properly, our prayer mostly goes in vain. Tasauf foundation is directing the mustazabuddawat program in the light of Al Quran and Hadis, through coordinating and teaching the best time for accepting the prayer to Allah(god), selecting best prayers, precondition of accepting the prayer and processes. Consequently, hajat (desirable needs) of hundreds of people were fulfilled through this program and we have the documentary of speech of many people. There is a public saying that;

Oh god, we don’t know how to call you

How god doesn’t respond if it’s true recalling

So, mustazabuddawat is such a program through which god responds to our calling him. So, we want to say that;

Nobody returns back empty handed

From mustazabuddawat

Question may arise, Allah is Samiul Alim (who hears everything), he knows everything of heart, omnipresent, so what’s the necessity of time-sense and time-factor?

Actually, reaction of creator depends on time. Time is very important for attainment of creator (god). In the books it’s mentioned that because of time fortunate people becomes unfortunate. As trains run through trainlines, and for catching the train we have to be present in train station on time, likewise, for catching the god and fulfilling the desired wish we have to conduct the pray in a certain period of time. Doa (pray) is an exceptional worship. Allah gives to people as much as they want. He wants human being pray to him. He becomes so happy when believers wants much. But for accepting the pray to creator, there are some precondition and norms. We can expect that Allah accepts the pray if it’s follows certain rules. For accepting the pray, there is such moment between day and night, when pray is accepted as mentioned in true hadis in different ways. Here some pray-accepting moments are described. In those moments pray is accepted in the light of Quran and Hadis.              


Firstly, Pray during first night

  1. Pray at last part of every night
    2. Pray at every Friday night (jumma day)
    3. Pray at night of Eidul Azha 
    4. Pray at night of Eidul Fitre
    5. Pray at first night of Rajab month 
    6. Pray at midnight of Shaban month
    7. Pray at night of Lailatul Quadir
    8. Pray after waking up from sleep at night


Secondly, Pray during day time

  1. Pray at friday (jumma day) from Asar to Magrib
    2. Pray at second part of day during sun goes down in the west 
    3. Pray during khutba of Imam at jumma day 
    4. Pray of Arafa Day
    5. Pray during Hajj and Umra


Thirdly, Pray of specific persons

  1. Pray of parents for children
    2. Pray of Musafir
    3. Pray of Mazlum (tortured person)
    4. Pray of pious children for parents
    5. Pray in front of ill person 
    6. Pray in front of dead person
    7. Pray of Prophets and Saints


Pray of different time

  1. Pray at the time between Azan and Ekamat
    2. Pray just before Ifter (breaking fast)
    3. Pray during drinking of Jamjam water
    4. Pray during rainfall
    5. Pray during cock makes sounds 
    6. Pray between change of breathing from one side of nose to another  


 Why pray is not accepted even having the knowledge of 19 time-sense period?

 Here we have presented 19 time-sense and seven types of people, whose pray is accepeted. Even then our pray is not accpeted sometimes. Because we are not aware of Dairatul Buruj. The picture that sun creates while moving in it’s own orbit, is called Dairatul Buruj. In the whole year there are 12 buruj as 12 months. Every year it has 365 days, every day 24 hours. Every day-night 7 stars have impact on our daily activities while rotating in 24 hours. amongst the stars, some have good impact, some have medium impact and some have bad impact. Even having knowledge about 19 time-sense, cause of refused pray, is not having knowledge about dairatul buruj. As declaired in hadis, if the pray-accepting time is at Johol-star time, then pray won’t be accepted. Because johol is the worst time or lahus akbar. Those who knowledge about this, only they can bring out the best time for pray. And they are the true ahle jikr (friends of Allah)                


Why Pray of Some Disciples are Accepted?  

One thing is observable here that, among the disciples of Allah there are some disciples whose ear become the ear of Allah, by which Allah can hear them. Praying through them, hadis mentioned;

Narrated from hazrat abu huraira: He said, the prophet once denoted that the great Allah said, who shows hostility with my saints, I will of course declare war against him. What I have made faroz (obligatory) worship for my disciples, they can’t come near me with that. Rather the disciples always can be nearer to me only by performing nafal (optional) worship. At the end I start loving him/her. Even I become his/her ear by which they can hear (kuntu samahul lazi yasmau bihi). I become his/her eye by which he/she can see. I become his/her hand by which he/she can touch. I become his/her leg by which he/she walks. And if he/she prays for something from me, obviously I will give it. What I want to do, I never hesitate to do that, so far, I hesitate about the life of a believer. Because he/she hates death, but I hate to disappoint him. (Ref: -Sahih Bukhari, hadis arabic# 6137, bengali # 6058)

Amongst my disciples, There shall be 30 saints. Because of them, the earth will remain intact, because of them it will rain and because of them assistance will be provided. (Ref: – Kanzul Ummal)

Mustazabuddawat mahfel (religious program) organized by Tasauf Foundation is held every jumma day from asar till maghreb at the pray-accepting time. An Ahle jikr himself is present in the program. We believe that Alhadi as usila (media) in that program prays to Allah for the acceptance of our pray and message.

The mahfel starts with Pas Anfas jikr or breathing practice and meditation or muraqaba. Then selected ayats are recited followed by jikr. After that, chairman of Tasauf Foundation, Ahle jikr delivers his valuable speech for the ‘pray accpetance’. Fotr the convenience of the reader summary of the speech is presented here.

Among many mention able time, near about 19 time-sense is suitable for accepting the pray to Allah. Of these time, some are at night and some are at day. about lacking of time-sense he said, lac’s of people’s pray is not accepted even though they are praying. He said and preseted many spiritual matters about time-sense. Those who are knowledgeable about dairatul buruj and stars, are informed about suitable time. Besides, there are six types of persons whose pray is accepted. He also added, there are some nominated dear people of Allah by whom pray is accepted. As there is government to run a country, so there is spiritual government to run direct the nature and fate. Different saints exist as ‘Rejalul Gayeb’ and through them food is managed, rain is given, help is provided to win over the enemies. Through the touch of these pious saints, honest-wish and pray is accepted. He also said, a human being essentially should be truthful and based on holy livelihood simultaneously when gaining time-sense. He also expressed more spiritual information alongside of those information.  

Dear readers, to purify ownself for recognizing the state of Allah, to attain the time-sense and acquire the knowledge of dairatul buruj, to submit our pray-wish to Allah, every friday we participate at mustazabuddawat. So, lets inform all other muslim brothers about this good news as a chance of involvement in preaching religion by telling others and gain Allah’s satisfaction.


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