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Practicing Purification: Allah says in Quran, “He has succeeded who purifies the soul, and he has failed who corrupts the soul (91:9-10). Alhdi said, there are three types of purification which are as follows: .. ..

Purification Is The Precondition Of Prayer/Worship


Allah (God) stated: I didn’t create human and jin but to worship me (Ref: Al Quran: 51:56). Explaining this verse by another verse; Allah said that; Ò But they were ordered only to perform worship/prayer with purity/ holiness and concentration and establish salat (prayer) in accordance with it’s condition and pay the prescribed purifying Alms (zakat), And that is the upright, ever truth Religion (Ref: Al Quran, 98:05). These verses reflect clearly that precondition of worship/prayer is (1) Purified heart (2) Concentration.     


Holiness in Achieving Pure-heart or self-purification

Arabic of the word ‘Holiness’ is zakiun, which exists in 56 verses (Ayat) in Al Quran, and the word zakat is clarified amongst 30 verses for 30 times with explanation. Holiness is explained in 26 verses for 29 times in Al Quran. Here we have mentioned five (5) verses (ayat) about holiness.  

Great Allah said: Of course, he is successful who has purified himself (Ref: Al Quran, 91:09). Again, Allah stated: Obviously, he will be successful who gains self-purification and remembers own Allah (god) continuously and established prayer (Ref: Al Quran, 87:14-15). Again, Allah added: Anyone who purifies himself, he purified for his own body (inner part of body). And this is the comeback to Allah by all (Ref: Al Quran, 35:18).

Allah stated in another ayat (verse): If there were no mercy and blessings of Allah, you would never be purified. But Allah purifies whomever he wishes. Allah is all hearing, all knowing (Ref: Al Quran, 24:21). So, don’t claim yourselves as purified one, Allah knows better who is purified (Ref: Al Quran, 53:32). Setting the entry precondition to heaven, Allah moreover said: Heaven is the suitable living place forever, where lakes flow underneath, they will stay there forever, this reward is only for them who remains holy-purified (Ref: Al Quran, 20:76).  

Those Who Achieves Purification Will Get Higher Stage        

The great Allah said: Surely, you will most certainly move on one state to another State (level) (Ref: Al Quran, 84:19).   

Those Who Are Unpurified Will Remain At Lower Stage       

The great Allah said: I have created human being in a super beautiful structure (Ref: Al Quran, 95:4). Allah again stated: Then I send him back from lower to lowest situation (Ref: Al Quran, 95:5).   

What are the higher stages?   



1)   Nafs Anil Hawa or powerful hidden soul

2)   Nafse Ammara or soul inspiring bad deeds

3)   Nafse Laowama or repented soul

4)   Nafse Mulhema or soul which got the divine command and enlightened

5)   Nafse Mutmayenna or peaceful soul

6)   Nafse Radhia Mardhia or soul which is satisfied on Allah’s nature

7)   Nafse Rahmani or soul fully returning to Allah


What is the lower level soul?


Allah will transform those people to animal whom will be thrown to the hell. Allah the great said: And I have created most of the gene and human for the hell, those who have heart but can’t realize, they have eyes but can’t see, they have ear but can’t hear with them. They are as like as four-footed animal, rather they are more inferior than these animals. They are the indifferent (Ref: Al Quran, 07:179).  


Three Process to gain holiness and self purication:

One: Tazkiatul Jasadi or external purity of body – which is done by ozo (washing specific parts of the body for prayer), bathe and tayammum.

Two: Tazkiatul Nafs or internal purity of body- Which is done by protecting evil virtues and giving up haram (forbidden) deeds.

Three: Tazkiatul Qalb or Purity of heart or mind- Which is done by the reflection of Sirazzam Munira light of the prophet Mohammad.

Regarding purification process, we are conducting higher research. To know in details about this, please participate in our spiritual meditation program. 

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