A Nonprofit & Nonpolitical Organization, Under Societies Registration Act 1860.


A Nonprofit & Nonpolitical Organization, Under Societies Registration Act 1860.

“Tasauf Education” programme from pre-school to university level

Tasauf Foundation is going to build “Tasauf Education” program from pre-school to university level.


Tasauf Education:

Basic philosophy of Tasauf (spiritual) education is to protect all human ethical degradation by raising ethical values, vanishing evil virtues and avoiding forbidden things (haram) for Self-purity in order to gain a purified society. No alternatives of establishing spiritual education to resist terrorism in this world. Just the ideal of spiritualism can institute peace in the whole world. Main teaching of Tasauf Foundation is self-purity through holiness and inner-distillation. Honorable chairman of tasauf foundation Alhadi, through his own relentless research found that purification is the precondition of any amal (religious work). 

Purification Is The Precondition of all Amal (worship/ Religious Work):  

Allah (God) said that: I have created human and gene only for worship (Ref: Al Quran, 51:56).  Explaining this verse by another verse, Allah said that; Ò But they were ordered only to worship god with much concentration and pure-heart and to establish salat (worship) and give zakat (money spend in the name of god for poor people), and this is the right religion (Ref: Al Quran, 98:105). It reveals clearly that precondition of worship is (1) pure-heart and (2) Concentration.

Process of purity of heart and self purication:

1: Tazkiatul Jasadi (external purity of body) – This is done by ozo, bathe and tayammum.

  1. Tazkiatul Nafs (Internal purity of body)- Whis is done protecting evil virtues and avoiding forbidden deeds.
  2. Tazkiatul Qalb (Purity of heart or mind)- Which is done by the reflection of Sirazzam Munira light of the prophet Mohammad, and this can acheved by the companion of truthful spiritual guide.  

We all know that Tazkiatul Jasadi (external purity of body) is attainable by ozo, bathe and tayammum.

But in terms of Tazkiatul Nafs (Internal purity of body), we most of the poeple are ingnorant. Human body is acomplished with many evil-virtues. In the holy book Alquraan, there are 37 ayats (verses) about vanishing evil-virtues. Allah (God) said,  “Of course, if I wished I could give him high status instead of specimen, but he got attracted to the earth and began to follow evil-virtues. As a result, his situation is like that of dog; if you attack him he gasps hard, or if you leave him even he gasps. Such are the examples of thoese people who denied my verses (ayat). So, you (prophet) describe these story, so that they can think” (Ref: Al Quran,7:176). In another ayat (verses), “If they don’t care your talks, then know that they just obey their evil-virtues. He, who follows own evil-virtues instead of Allah’s (God) blessings, who is more derailed than him? And Allah doesn’t show path to the cruel people” (Ref: Al Quran 28:50). Allah announces precondition of heaven in another ayat as well; “And who feared standing in front of Allah, and secured himself from evil-virtues, paradise will be his location” (Ref: Al Quran, 79:40). And  all salat (worship, prayer) spoils due to evil-virtues.

In this reagrd, Alhadi has special resarch work. Most of the education systerm is unaware about this matter. That’s why ways of vanishing evil-virtues are not included in the syllebus of any education system in order to avoid moral degradtion. Alhadi is the first, who conducted this research work. He said that main evil-virtures are of twelve types and they have other branches. These twelve evil-virtues are; illegal sexuality, anger, greediness, worldly attraction, pride, jealousy, Lie,  show up worship and wealth, Misery, Slander (speaking bad of others), Cheat (saying bad of good things and good of bad things), Enmity. If anybody vanishing evil-virtues and avoiding forbidden things by Allah (haram), then internal purity of body or Tazkiatul Nafs can be achieved.  

In order to gain internal purity of body or Tazkiatul Nafs, Alhadi accumulated ayats (verses) from Quran related to controlling evil-virtues, and then he provides theoretical and practical knowledge as ‘Tasauf Education’ (spiritual education) in the light of quran to resist evil-virtues.

Instead of evil-virtues, its our duty to establish good-virtues in own-self and be accomplished by Allah’s feature. The aim of spiritual education is to purify society by defending moral degradation. There is no alternative of spiritual education to protect extremism. Only spiritual education can establish peace in the world. So, in order to institute spiritual education, any spiritual (tasauf) minded person can join our activities.       

With this vision and philosophy, Tasauf Foundation wants to launch ‘Tasauf Education System’ from pre-school level to university level, so that all learners will be characterized with same quality education. As a result, a decent family, society, country and ethnicity will be created. Tasauf Foundation is running the spiritual education in an informal way. From children to elderly person, male, female is incorporated with this activity.   

Activities Talen Under Spiritual Education:

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