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Vocational & IT Education (TVET):

Digital Bangladesh is one of the nation’s dreams, and so special emphasis is given on the application of digital technologies to realise Vision 2021, which we commonly call Digital Bangladesh. The government of Bangladesh implemented a large number of projects relating to digital technologies and a number of these are already underway. National ICT Policy-2009 was developed with a view to achieve middle-income status of the nation by 2021 and developed status by 2041.

To implement government strategies to empower women in economically and socially, Tasauf Foundation has taken a program entitled “Women Empowerment through Technology” in rural areas of Bangladesh. It can be mentioned that the program will be replicated in different places all over the country. Tasauf Foundation started the IT based vocational education program at Birrampur Village of Trishal Upazila, Mymensingh where 50 women of different age group, from 20 to 50 years old, are being provided with basic (bangla, english, mathematics, environment and moral education) and technical education. Besides education, they are being trained for tailoring, stitching and designing of dresses to supply all over the country through online. The beneficiaries are also willing to start e-commerce business for supplying agricultural products in different shopping centers and whole sale markets.

The motto of this program is to provide Computer education for every woman of rural areas and get success in Computer revolution which is the main dream of Government of Bangladesh.  Specific Objectives are as follows:

  1. To provide computer education particularly, word and excel program to maintain accounts, keep necessary electronic documents
  2. To teach browsing and necessary uses of internet to start e-commerce business
  3. To get ideas and choose designs of boutiques, select colour composition by browsing different relevant websites
  4. To send email and communicate with relatives, customers and other social medias.